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Is Barack Obama Gay?

No way you say...he has children! And even a wife...

People in Chicago say Obama and Rohm Emanual have bath house memberships ay gay club called Man's Country.
One Larry Sinclair alleges that on 6th and 7th November 1999 in Chicago, Illinois he met Barack Obama for a social evening which included drinks in a lounge, followed by a drive around town in his hired limousine during which Obama supplied cocaine, smoked crack through his own glass pipe while accepting fellatio from Sinclair.

The very next day Obama paid a visit to Sinclair’s Comfort Inn hotel room in Gurney, Illinois for a “quickie” version of the previous night’s activities. Both men were 38 years of age. Larry Sinclair was on parole visiting for a few days from Colorado. Barack Obama was a member of the Illinois Senate.

These scenes are reminiscent of the Oprah Winfrey’s show in which she featured J.L. King’s book “Men On the Down Low: A Journey into the Lives of Straight Black Men Who Sleep with Men”

The story has produced some newsworthy reactions most of which can be described as a cover-up:

1. A virtual internet and media lynch mob composed mainly of Obama supporters is bent on discrediting Sinclair with allegations about his homosexuality, his convictions for check fraud in the 1980’s and his mental and emotional stability. Part of their dirty tricks is to circulate to the media a forged facsimile of a page for the Washington Post which includes numerous lies about Sinclair and to declare that he was in a mental hospital at the time he said he was with Obama, and to attack his family and neighbors.

A noteworthy participant in the campaign of vilification is Andres W. Lopez an attorney for the Obama campaign in Puerto Rico who is a member of the campaign’s National Finance Committee. He appeared on Puerto Rico’s most popular TV magazine show WAPA TV’s “SuperXclusivo” on April 10th 2008 to denounce Sinclair as a major headache and distraction for the Obama campaign and implied that he was mentally ill and working for the Hilary Clinton campaign.

Sinclair has hit back against some of the critics with law suits for defamation in the DC district court filed by his attorney Montgomery Sibley most recently noteworthy for his defence of the “DC Madam”.

On 1st April, 2008 US District Court Judge Henry Kennedy granted a motion for discovery in the matter. The aim of the Sinclair-Sibley legal strategy is eventually to discover Barack Obama on oath.

2. Larry Sinclair took a polygraph test in February confident that he would pass and he challenged Obama to do the same. The test was arranged by an internet site best known for pornography and anti-Clinton political satire.

The raw computer readings showed that Larry Sinclair passed the test with flying colours. But two testers hired by re-interpreted the readings to claim that they showed deception. One of the testers was Edward I. Gelb who has been exposed by specialists in the field for claiming a phony Ph.D. refused to publish the full results or the video of the test and in many other respects breached good faith undertakings they gave Sinclair to induce him to participate. He claims that he and his attorney are in possession of information that the Obama campaign bribed to distort the test and spin the presentation of the results. has not denied these allegations but has abruptly gone silent on the matter.

3. Many in the mainstream media are aware of Larry Sinclair’s allegations about Barack Obama and rumours in Chicago restaurant and club land since at least 2001 that Barack Obama has been doing the Down Low with gay men. Some newspaper have interviewed Larry Sinclair and visited his home in Minnesota. He has provided them with his criminal record, his health and financial records and his family history.

At least one major Chicago newspaper has indicated that it will not proceed yet because it does not want to be accused of racism or of causing problems for the first viable black candidate. Other newspapers have asked for more proof such as access to the limousine driver who witnessed the events of November 6th, 1999.

Larry Sinclair has said the driver will testify in legal proceedings. But in the meantime he wants to protect him from interference from Obama campaign, from the kind of death threats to which Sinclair has been subjected and from the kind of harrssment that Obama supporters have visited on Sinclair’s elderly mother, his siblings and neighbors. However, Larry Sinclair is willing to provide assurances about his evidence to the media through his lawyer.

4. When Larry Sinclair first reported his allegations to the Obama campaign in September 2007 he wanted Obama to correct his claim that he had stopped taking drugs in his teens and had never taken crack. He believes crack is addictive and difficult to shake off.

Over the following months until December, 2007 he was contacted several times by Donald Young who appeared to be Obama’s emissary. He was the choir master at the Trinity Church of Christ which was under the direction of Pastor Jeremiah Wright and where Barack Obama is a member of the congregation. Donald Young informed Larry Sinclair that he, too, had a sex and drugs relationship with Barack Obama similar to his.

At first he suggested that Obama was seeking the assistance of Jeremiah Wright in making a statement acknowledging his use of crack cocaine as recently as 1999. But he had second thoughts in early December 2007. Donald Young was murdered in his appartment at Christmas 2007.

Larry Sinclair notified the Chicago police of his contacts with him but received no acknowledgment. Subsequently he has submitted a sworn affidavit which has so far not been acknowledged by the Chicago Police.

Larry’ Sinclair’s original video on YouTube has received more than 800,000 hits and his blog is in the top ten percentile on WordPress. Links to all his radio interviews can be found at his blog together will all contact details for the media.

Larry Sinclair’s blog with links to all his YouTube videos and radio interviews:

Oprah Winfrey show on Black Men and “Down Low”×

NY Times - Black professional men doing Down Low are closet gays.

Specialist critique of the Larry Sinclair polygraph test and phoney Ph.D of one of the testers:

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Christina Says:
Thursday, April 17, 2008 at 8:19 am


There are so many of us that support you! You, sir, have portrayed commendable courage and strength despite the attacks organized against you.

Thank you for making helping to make our candidates accountable for their actions!
Kathy Says:
Friday, April 18, 2008 at 9:19 am

A good narrative without having to listen and read everything.
4U2NVME Says:

I just wanna c some proof. If he is on the DL, where r other partners. Why wait so long. Why isn’t even Fox News covering this? Can Larry prove he wasn’t in a mental hospital. Didn’t accept money 4 this story. Proof the Obama campaign paid him off? Something, anything? If Hillary or McCain had this in the bag, they would have let it out by now bcuz NO ONE predicted Obama would be in this position. So when Larry 1st “came out”, everyone would have jumped on this 2 avoid this long drawn out process. If this is true, I don’t want Obama as my President, regardless of the shady s**t PLENTY of politicians have done in their past, it’s not acceptable. All I’m asking 4 is some proof. The hotel records are not cutting it for me. I don’t care about Larry’s criminal past (chk Hillary’s connection to Peter Paul)…or the fact that I doubt that, like me, he’s never been in an ‘upscale’ anything in life, but when u say something like this, u need hard, concrete evidence. The longer this stays underground…the worse Larry looks. That’s how politics works America!

Sinclair has had considerable harassment from the IRS and the Secret Service although he records all letters and goes online with them.

One Rohn Emanual has confronted a Congressman in the nude NORMAL". This fits in with the bath house immodesty.

All of the above are allegeded and none is personally known by this blogger. Many people say Obama,"THROWS like a girl". Some say he walks like a gay guy...